Face it, Climate Change is Real, and Important.

If someone like me can come up with facts and has the balls to stand eye ball to eye ball with the Republican/libertarian PR campaign of malicious lies and slander.
But you don't CC. You hide here with an audience of about 5-7 people(and some drifting window shoppers) and repeat the same thing over and over. You're like a broken record.

Well V, allow me to let you in on a little secret of life:
Reality is what it is, it’s not like a TV show that gets replaced according to public tastes.
You people are the broken record refusing to learn a damned thing about the world we depend on.

What brought me back here to share was that I found something that perfectly sums up the performance of some of our newer participants.

Climate Change is Real, and Important, David Siegel Posted by Greg Laden on October 29, 2015 http://scienceblogs.com/gregladen/2015/10/29/climate-change-is-real-and-important-david-siegel/ "... Have you ever been poking around on the Intertoobs, when somebody comes along and says, “Hey, I never really thought about global warming/vaccination/evolution before, but suddenly and unexplainably I am now. And as I think about global warming/vaccination/evolution these innocent and valid questions arise and imma ask you about them." Then the conversation proceeds to go down hill. The individual was really an anti-vaxer, a creationist, or a climate change denier all along, but was just pretending to be a thoughtful person who never thought about this issue before and just has some innocent question. But every single one of these questions is framed in terms of the anti or denial perspective, every “fact" noted and eventually adhered to is a discredited anti or denial meme, and even more amusingly, every statement made by this “innocent, curious" individual is the same exact statement made the last time a similar individual came along. David Siegel is one of those individuals, only instead of showing up on a Facebook thread or in the comments section of a blog post, he went to medium.com where anybody can post their thoughts. ..."
It's a good article, that led to something even better so far as summing up the science.
https://medium.com/@miriamob/climate-change-is-real-and-important-646b663adcf#.mfig65m6g Climate Change is Real, and Important By Josh Halpern, Greg Laden, Collin Maessen, Miriam O’Brien, Ken Rice and Michael Tobis Human caused climate change is real, and it is important. It has such monumental implications that governments around the world have been coming together since the 1980s to work out how best to address it. Yet the scientific consensus that we are changing the climate is constantly being challenged by those who have financial or other interests in the continued use of fossil fuels. This has resulted in a “consensus gap" whereby a measurable, though shrinking, proportion of the general public is not sure that anthropogenic climate change is real or important. Unfortunately, this consensus gap allows for those who do not respect the science to parachute in now and then to help maintain a beachhead of denial. David Siegel recently penned an article at Medium.com in which he tells us he has spent several hours studying the climate change problem, and he has determined that there really isn’t one. The most cursory inspection of his thesis suggests that Siegel has spent most of those hours studying and re-phrasing the anti-science “denialist" rhetoric, readily available on line. Not one of his points, and he has, conveniently, ten of them, is novel, insightful, or in any way different from what we have seen developed by the other fossil-fuel defending organizations and individuals. There is a strong argument that David Siegel’s article should be ignored as yet another science denier’s screed, and that may be true. Nevertheless a group of us, including scientists in climate and cognate areas, science communicators, and others, have decided to take a few moments to examine David Siegel’s article and respond do it. Siegel’s article is in the main wrong, but it is well organized and includes quite a few science denier talking points. So we have taken this opportunity to explain the science and how climate change affects us, address some of his misleading claims, and consider what drives some people to take a position contrary to science and experts in the field. Rejecting Climate Science: Red flags vs smoking guns Denial of science is a sufficiently well developed industry that there are now people who study it. … (check it out, heck of a summary)