End of times, or not

I thought this was interesting, not just for the headline topic, but the analysis of empires. There are links to dig into it, that we are likely at the end stage, decadence.

The question is, what will be next, the cycle starts with pioneers, but we don’t have new land to or peoples to conquer. The next pioneer might those who integrate cultures, use traditional methods to sustain a new era. Hopefully keeping the science we have

Well, there will be the new living conditions to conquer.
Imagine that will take up a lot more attention than it does in this world.

Christian media empire, the institutional church, and faith-based progressive political organizations continue to promote false spiritual buzzworthy slogans such as “if you build a better church they will come,” “we’re on the cusp of a new kind of Christianity,” or “if you follow my way of being, you will receive spiritual enlightenment, sacred sexual ecstasy, and other beloved blessings.”

Funny that, I’ve hear about the Bible thumping circuit going back to the beginning of holy roller preaching and not limited to down south. The preachers knew how to get the juices flowing and them pretty young women and men were all sorts of twitter-batted by the end of all that glory hallelujahing, it was easy pickings for the determined gentlemen, sometimes visa versa, and the best times was had. Nothing like a little rapture to help them nuptials along, lordie hallalujah, can I have a witness, I heard you brother! Well at least until things got complicated.

So what to do?
Perhaps we remind folks that they are creating their own Gods and religions sculptures out of their own self-serving desires and dreams. Has nothing to do with any outside superior anything, it comes from our own hearts.


I’m thinking new economy, when oil no longer supports government backed cash. Crypto is looking more like a scam every day. Do we return to bartering? I would like something with no money, somehow track that your are at least pulling your weight, or have a reason to need aid. Innovation would need a reward, but reward the actual innovator, not the land owner.

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Something like Picard is describing?

That’s exactly what I was thinking, that great STNG scene! And to that end, I think technology is the answer. Once basic human needs are met, there won’t be a need for money, as in the disease of capitalism will be cured. I just wish I was around to see it…maybe that’s why I’ve seen the movies so often. :slight_smile:

Yes end time

People it is the end tie and each time it gets closer it’s 30 secs to midnight not 100 you see more of Revelations and it’s revaltions since Jesus died and ressurected. He is coming to end times come the 3 temple must be built.

It is neccesary before the end time it must be built but the reason why it people don’t want it to be built because of the prophesy that evil will adress it place and destroyed it.

2 thesalions 2:1-17

Matthew 24:15
“So when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by the prophet Daniel, standing in the holy place (let the reader understand),
Daniel 9:24-27

It said that pergamo and the vatican are the two other possible places that could happen in reall time history . Pergamoe the Trhone of the devil ancient times.

And the other will be in the third temple where it will be rebuilt and the prophesy that once built evil can sit in thier and be destroyed bringing the end times.

For the Third temple will be built.

Thiose are things that must happen to bring the end times. Destroy the vatican seat, destroy the seat of Pergamo, or Destroy the seat of the third temple… And God wrath will be over the devil !!!

It defy’s all I’ve ever learned, and all my heart has been open to and absorbed these 67 years - how in create can people actually embrace this sort of hideous reflection on the arrogance and stupidity of man.

Is the ability of self-skepticism and self-examination, truly that dead in most people?

How can you imagine a God who created this Earth and has existed since before time itself - to be as f’n petty as we greedy, gluttonous, self-serving, jealous, mean spirited and hateful humans, (and in a ways no animal has ever imitated).

Isn’t that what gods are? A reflection of ourselves? In the best cases they might carry some wisdom, some cultural values. As they get reified, they need explanations for why there is evil in the world, for why they didn’t answer prayers or accept the sacrifices. They get used by leaders to blame their enemies for problems. Whatever parables about being a good a neighbor there are, get lost in the shuffle.


I don’t think Revelations means what you think it does. And if the end times does mean the destruction of the Vatican, I don’t think it means the end of the world, but rather the end of Xianity, which would be the end to many devotely religious people.

people everything that the bible has said about end times has happen the majority. What Daniel said in daniel chapter 8-9. What jesus in mathew 24 about wars, runours of wars, floods, famine, and we you this know that my arrival at eart draws near. No the subject was " End of times, or not "

Even people are doing this things on purpose to recreate the endtimes how do we know when mankinds who invent war and simulate those catastrophe and reinvent them. To tell people the end times is coming but in reality is still far away. How many times have man tweek the clock to midnight to scare people so they buy and buy. And spending thier life saving when people say end times happen they become preppers.

Here just posting the last things that are needed because prophecy means many things and propechy when said one calamity comes and God gave people don’t know how long the calamity becuase is mysterious how God does things. When the prophecy comes of the rapture people they believe their going to disappear no. Sorry to say to this rapture is not real it is misconception and like many times. The end times in how it was going to ahppen being phsycal, spiritually, time, or miscalculated.

Propchey ends up A different way because we did not undersatnd prophecy.

So many people have said it and invented but the things that are not done.

It is one for jews is the destrcution of the third temple because the bible said it’s going rebuild and destroyed and evil will be thier. Sitting in it’s place by the antichrist.

It is A possibility and for catholics the high palce is where the vatican is seated.

See this prophecy can be intrepret differently and in time people from various timelines thought rome was going to be the end times back in jesus times they were the beast ! that nazi’s were in the end times and people thoguht the end was near ! nope and now our times we think Russia and China are the same positions as before and the end is near.

People before thought the bible was reffering to this the Trhone of the devil in pergamo which was brought to germany. must be destroyed.

this was before in the 1920’s but now people say it is the third temple being destoyed and putin sitting in the throne or the vatican being destroyed and the antichrist sitting in that throne.

Which ever shows just means that prophecy can be intrepret differently we are in the end times. When jesus died and ressurected all after that is considered the end time.

At what time in history were there not these things?

Let us stop you right there. They are just stories. Stories about humans at the time and because it is about humans you might find similarities, but that’s all you will find.

Oh you mean like this one of lore? Beelzebub - Flying Devil | Mythology.net

Or do you mean the Lightbearer?

Or one of my favourites:

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This one baphomet is just symbol know that the demon has another name the Goat one, even those claim it was invented and made by masons lodge nothing is all to certain. But this is just what is mean the devil has it’s throne and for A time in the 1920’s people in those time beileve it was reffering to that the pergamo throne
throne of the devil

people the scripture said the place where the evil will be place is in the vaitcna or the third temple those are 2 possible places but still this way the make many mistake people believ rapture is real there is no place in the bible that says that it is made up ! But hollywood uses it know that it is said the abomination desolation is talking about the antichrist but for many in the new testament it reffers it like a new spirit that passes thru and thru time hitler was called it and caligula and roman ceasars and chanegs as it passes.

We know that mathew 24 tell us how the end times happens but the thing that is last in the list is the third temple and if built will bring the end times ebcause evill will be placed there !