End child marriage in the U.S.? You might be surprised who’s opposed.

End child marriage in the U.S.? You might be surprised who’s opposed

[Actually, I’m not in the least surprised.]

Read in NBC News: https://apple.news/ARm9AJ_eJTz-MjBxEtu5PEQ


Is consent to marriage not covered under a state’s “age of consent laws”?

If a person can consent to marry and make a lifetime commitment, should they not also be allowed to vote? And what about the reverse? If a child cannot vote due to immaturity, can they be considered mature enought to consent to marriage?

There should be one age of majority and it should be used for everything—marriage, voting, signing contracts, joining the military. If a minor gets pregnant she should have a guardian appointed to handle her legal affairs. If no family member is available the court should appoint a conservator as they do for others who are unable to handle their own affairs—until she reaches the age of majority. This should apply to all minors of both sexes. IMO, any “marriage” of a minor should be considered legally null and void, just as all contracts are.

"Obviously, I'm against child marriage," the GOP lawmaker told NBC News. "But basically marriage is a contract between people that shouldn't require government permission." -- from the article
This is one of those bizarre libertarian statements. Contracts are exactly why we have government. To have contracts you need laws and a way to enforce them. Once we decide to delegate that, we also need a way to keep it in check, so we have democracy. Any other system I know of uses force with no check on it. The reason democracy is failing is that people who hold the title "lawmaker" don't understand that and people keep voting for them. It's a weakness in the system.

Democracy is failing because people are giving up on it. After all it does require and informed and engaged citizenry !

Americans Aren’t Practicing Democracy Anymore As participation in civic life has dwindled, so has public faith in the country’s system of government.




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February 2018, Volume 24, Issue 1, pp 31–52| Cite as Democracy Without Participation: A New Politics for a Disengaged Era


As for the child marriage a large contingent of our population may praise woman, but they still look at them as chattel, more than real people. No right to self determination, or right to self defense - all that is reserved for the daddy warbucks of this world.


They gave us a system that works and we are pretty much tossing it into the dust bin of history.


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Sherlock Holmes
Well as opposed as I am to exploiting vulnerable children I’ll throw a spanner in the works here:

How do we <i>scientifically</i> determine the right age to allow a female to marry?

I’m interested in the humanists position here.

How in the world is that an appropriate “Scientific Question” ?

Marriage is a human union, under human laws and ethics. Has little if anything to do with science.

IF you were to have asked something realistic such as when is a child able to bear children?

That science could answer.


Here again is an example of how Holmes and by extension religious people can not separate what’s going on in our heads from what physical reality is all about.


Obviously there’s no scientific measurement of when a person is mentally and emotionally mature enough to understand what marriage is and if they are ready for it.

We know that the vast majority of people in their mid-teens and younger are not mature enough, so making the age of consent above that is reasonable.

I know people who are in their 40’s who aren’t mature enough to have a meaningful relationship, so there is no definite age that is perfect. But since the percentage of people who are mature enough reaches a reasonable level by around 18, I’d say that’s a potential minimum cut-off point.

Measuring emotions and maturity is not an exact science, so we have to use ethics, morals, and common-sense to make laws that protect the most people without inconveniencing too many others.