Dyatlov Pass Note

Greetings, I will be 64 in the great month of March, now to the mystery at hand that is on millions of people’s plate. Sometimes it’s refreshing to stay away from topics like this for a while, and set aside your hard core beliefs and reconsider other logical answers. Simply nothing was going to persuade me against my protective snow wall/avalanche collapse theory. There are chunks of snow on the tent and the surroundings areas are smooth. Naturally one has to free themselves by cutting their way out…logical. That being said I just finished a newer book called The Death of Nine By launton Anderson who was in cryptographic in the United States Air Force. A very compelling arguement to what most likely of happened, however there are some things he talks about I am skeptically intrigued by…Only because this case is far fetched so should the answer be as well. So it never occurred to me to ever add up the approximate injuries to everyone and I counted around 80 inflictions… Then I decided to weigh these numbers against my theory and I soon realized there is no way my original theory holds up…Lastly because the lack of footprints of other intruders are not visible in the snow, the 80 or so injuries are the finger prints that this was done by other humans. Note if you read the book do not skim over it, there are some eye opening theories he presents I’ve never read before… Thanks for reading.


Cool, thanks for the link TimB. By coincidence, or is it (twilight zone music overlay)?, just a few weeks ago I was teased with a YouTube video about it, and since I’d never heard about it, I took the bait.


The story didn’t impress me, especially since I don’t fully trust the “facts” presented. (well the sudden death of nine young people at the height of their vigor is always tragic and I can understand why the memory stays alive) Having scanned that article, seems to me their conclusion that much of the evidence points to an avalanche, would make the most sense.