Drought, Crime and History

Exactly, that’s how Ian turned in to a Cat 4 and was just 2 numbers of shy of Cat 5 at one point. I have an awful feeling that any and all hurricanes at this point will be at least that strong.

Interesting folklore about Clearwater FL. The Natives who once lived there did this ritual or something like that, which is said to protect it from severe hurricanes. I like that story, but that’s all it is… a story, which has the possibility of comforting some, despite the lore.

Oh boy, your article doesn’t reveal anything that disputes the fact that yes the total average temperature of our Global Heat and Moisture Distribution Engine IS RISING, THERE IS NO DOUGHT ABOUT THAT.

We are experiencing the first wave of significant impacts, the bitch is that this is just the beginning and there’s only one way for this Climate Engine to go, more energy, more heat, more moisture in the atmosphere, Jet Stream seriously tweaked, equals more destructive weather like we’ve dared not to imagine - to our own detriment.


Is the way it should be referred to if you want be technically accurate.

of course global cooling would also drive climate change, the the physics is clear, we, our society, is sequestering significant amount of heat within our collective CLIMATE ENGINE.

This is the actual factual physical record:

Global Temperature Anomalies from 1880 to 2019

I been screaming about that for decades, but no one wanted to listen. Soothing bromides and misdirection were so much more advantageous if you have an economy dependent on over-heating.

Confront GOP Massie’s pseudoscience insinuation. 4/9/19

Index for Confronting Science Contrarians, citizenschallenge

What’s Up With That Watts ?

14 observations on our dysfunctional public dialogue.

2018, now what? Considering the Problem in 14 VERSES.

(first few paragraphs of introduction, moved to the end my list.) I want to start the year with this summary of what I’ve learned from nearly fifty years of paying attention to the unfolding public climate science dialogue, in 14 verses. I share this list because I believe it may help some sort out their own experiences and evolving understanding about what’s actually being argued by Republican climate science ‘skeptics’ such as Pruitt’s supposed Red team. Well okay, I’m also hoping to connect with a few like minded individuals, who could help improve it.

I reject and confront the GOP’s assumption that deliberate malicious lying is an appropriate political strategy when it comes to something as serious and consequential as understanding Anthropogenic Global Warming.

More than 10 years ago, I was arguing with my crazy relatives. It was a year when there were more hurricanes than ever. They argued that it was only one more than the previous record, or something ridiculous like that. We will return to a planet of less than a billion people, with some still saying the changing climate is natural. I haven’t seen it lately, but the cartoon image is a guy laughing at the scientists, then standing in water up to his waist, laughing again, then floating in the ocean, still saying the memes of the deniers.

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You can shout all you want, but it’s still properly called Climate Change.