Doomsday Clock now reads 3 'til Midnight

Citing global climate change, nuclear armaments and political tensions as chief reasons. I think they should consider adding in over-population to their list of factors as well. Anyway link:

We lost 40% of our remaining time? That’s not good.
Also, not good: the price of gas per gallon (which has been going down very gradually over the past few months) literally went up 17 cents per gallon, since yesterday at my local gas station. I can, at least, formulate somewhat logical ideas about why climate change, nuclear arms, and political conditions, remain problematic. The changes in gas prices remain a mystery to me.

Why do oil prices jump? Here’s one hilarious reason why.

Drunk trading. That is a more credible reason, than those that are usually suggested.
BTW, Dead Monky, condolences on your loss of 2 minutes on the Doomsday Clock. I know how you feel. I lost the same 2 minutes, and, surprisingly, it doesn’t seem to effect me much (or you either, if I am correct).