Donations to non profits illegal?

Do I understand this correctly? Congress denies funds to promote Obama Care, and after 37 times failed attempts to repeal Obama Care, they are trying a new approach.

Leaders in Congress are questioning Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’s solicitation of funds from private businesses and charities to help pay for public outreach on Obamacare to get prospective enrollees signed up for health exchanges.
Sebelius reportedly has sought donations for Enroll America, a private non-profit group that is working to get the uninsured covered under the 2010 health-care law. Corporations can give unlimited (anonymous) funds for elections of "business representatives" in congress. But when a Public official tries to augment a funding shortage for promotion of a non political program through a non-profit organization, it becomes illegal? I am sure that this whole "consternation" is based on a mere technicality. But in view of SCOTUS rulings on "corporate personhood" and "articulate money" for donations of hundreds of millions of dollars for the "promotion" of a political agenda, the effort to raise a few dollars for promotion of "public health" service which has no political agenda seems entirely appropriate. But of course, mention Obama Care and Republicans go "berserk" once again.

Republicans and their right wing media machine, i.e., talk radio and Fox “news”, are throwing up everything possible to see what sticks. Some of the crap inevitably sticks or at least leaves a stink behind. Their strategy, as from Day 1 of the Obama administration, has been to do whatever they can, to prevent any credit going to the Obama administration, and, now, to pull anything out of their ass that might possibly discredit the Obama administration. The “scandals” are a very important part of their strategy, as it, also, takes attention away from, and supports the accomplishment of, the 1st part of their strategy which is to insure that no meaningful legislation is accomplished.
“Repulsive” is not a perjorative-enough descriptor of the state of today’s right wing of the Republican Party, that is, in effect, calling the shots.

Well if the right wing nuts can call for the “impeachment” of Obama " on general principles, perhaps it is time for DOJ to start investigating these “Conservatives” for practicing “sedition” .