Do Americans Deserve The Right To Vote? Senator Bennet & the Colorado way

YES, if you can meet the spelled out requirements - Lets make it a Federal Law.

I have chided Senator Bennet’s office occasionally for not stepping up enough in this time of existential challenge to any vestige of a free society in America.

Today I found this in my email, (I am on his mailing list), that for once catches my attention and has me wanting to climb on my soapbox and share the word, so here I go again:

Also I can say from my own experience of receiving my Voter Information Booklet and then my Ballot in the mail. No muss, no fuss, I can mail in my ballot, I can drive by the County Clerk’s office and drop it in the dedicated DropBox, convenient as going to the drive up window at the bank, or I wait until Election Day and go to my precinct polling place and fill out my ballet there.


Hello everyone,

Just this year, 19 states have passed 33 laws undermining democracy — laws to make it harder to vote early or by mail, slash the number of dropboxes, and make it a crime to give people water while they’re waiting in line to vote.

In Colorado, we’ve made it incredibly easy and secure for Coloradans to cast their ballots. We have automatic voter registration, statewide vote by mail, early voting, and secure dropboxes across the state. Last November, I left my ballot at a dropbox. There was no line. There was no wait. The whole process took 30 seconds, if that. And because we have made it easy to vote, Colorado has the second highest voter turnout rate in the country.

On Wednesday, the Senate voted to move the Freedom to Vote Act forward, which would grant everyone, regardless of where they live, the same opportunity to cast their ballot as we have in Colorado. The bill included common sense reforms that are broadly supported by the American people, such as voting by mail and early voting. But every single one of my Republican colleagues voted against it.

We have a moral obligation to our nation’s children, and frankly to humanity, to make sure that our democracy actually works for the American people. And I will keep fighting for it.


Michael Bennet
Colorado Senator

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Easy as American Apple Pie,