Deepak Chopra declares dark matter "unknowable!"

Sorry for cross posting, but I believe this video] is of interest to members of several forums. Enjoy!

Some readers asked for a summary of the video I posted earlier. Here it is:
In the video, Chopra attributes his own idea of consciousness as the creator of the universe to Freeman Dyson. The video takes a critical look at Chopra’s opus magnum Quantum Healing and shows how unprofessional he was in its “second edition;” it also introduces Freeman Dyson’s mystical tendencies; puts Chopra in past years in which there were milestone open questions in science which he would have declared “unknowable” - only to be discovered later …

That’s the way it always is with charlatans and deists. They fill knowledge gaps with mystical BS, then retreat to another gap when science figures out the one they touted.