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|## “God shapes spiritual possibilities”|

I don’t know what you are trying to get across here.

The quote generator posted two quotes for me. Both quotes had to do with knowledge. God is just another word that means “knowledge”. It looks to me that Chopra is trying to sell knowledge. Welcome aboard, religions have been doing just that for thousands of years. Jesus used quotes. And was very good at using quotes. Maybe Chopra has created an IT Jesus for those who seek one.

Maybe you should read the page. It’s not sponsored by Deepak. It takes words from his Twitter feed and arranges them randomly into phrases. It shows that random arrangements of his words have about the same meaning as the ones he puts together.

I posted it as a comment on the general state of words in the world today.

OK, I see what you mean. The random order quotes sound like some of the temporary posters that have visited this site from time to time. Thanks for the posting. It is interesting.

Exactly! That’s what I was referring to in another thread, how posters here and elsewhere can sure sound real but might not be.