Dealing with fundamentalists

The thing I love about podcasts and onstage discussions is that there are people that discuss the things we talk about here and pretty often, they do a better job. OTOH, here, we get to hear the voice of the people they are talking about.

In this one, something IBL and I have been discussing is addressed. After discussing possible dangers of the future, at about 29 minutes, Sam delicately brings up his past interactions with people who are intractably religious, Brian defends the “carrot” approach, and Sam defends himself giving the evidence of the many people who have responded to his “stick” approach".

Nothing is resolved here. I guess that’s my point.

Ooops, forgot the link. Sam Harris & Brian Greene (Audio Fixed) - YouTube

What is the name of the podcast?

Fundamentalists are people:

  • for whom their ideas and beliefs are facts, and when the facts contradict them, facts are wrong,
  • who cannot accept that others people don’t live according theirs tenets

Only way to deal:

  • to wait hoping that life will teach them otherwise
  • to firmly explain to them that they are not allowed to interfere with the lives of others.