David Bohm -Dalai Lama conversation

The Dalai Lama & Science
— A Birthday Celebration

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And this important work


Only 2 more days for free viewing!!!


it’s hitting exactly two days as I post this!!

OMG that was awesome. Just skirting the edge of woo-woo, but that’s what Bohn did, so you can’t talk about him without doing that.

I’m curious to know more from Oppenheimer’s perspective, about why he ignored Bohm’s Hidden Variables.

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An inconvenient truth?

What really caught my attention is that the Pilot Wave model solves the apparent particle /wave duality conflict. Particles are particles at all times but ride the Pilot Wave with all it’s interferences and eddies.

You have to pay $16 to see it now. I might have some notes but that “conflict” doesn’t ring a bell. I’m dealing some elder care law issues at the moment, so probably won’t be getting back to you on this one.

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[quote=“lausten, post:8, topic:7394, full:true”]

You have to pay $16 to see it now. I might have some notes but that “conflict” doesn’t ring a bell.

Right, the Pilot Wave Model (Bohmian Mechanics) was not discussed, that’s pure physics.

I’m dealing some elder care law issues at the moment, so probably won’t be getting back to you on this one.

Are you per chance dealing with a new Fed law requiring “home health providers” from using a "smart-phone with GPS locating " for a new EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) program?

Orwell’s 1984 is here. Big Brother is watching every move 843,000 homehealth aides make and are required to buy smart phones and be trained to use them .

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This may shed some light on Bohm’s “hidden variable” hypothesis.

This assumes an unmeasurable dynamic aspect to all dimensions of spacetime.

A fundamental wave-like behavior what Bohm and deBroglie named the Pilot Wave, which is the guiding principle behind all dynamic phenomena, but allows for “hidden variables”, which argues against quantum uncertainty.

AFAIK, Bohm’s purely deterministic universe does not allow for quantum uncertainty, but does allow for local interference of quantum superposition.

It also explains the apparent particle /wave duality. In the Pilot Wave model, particles are always particles and their wavelike behavior is due to the underlying universal Pilot Wave

13. Nonlocality

Bohmian mechanics is manifestly nonlocal. The velocity, as expressed in the guiding equation, of any particle of a many-particle system will typically depend upon the positions of the other, possibly distant, particles whenever the wave function of the system is entangled, i.e., not a product of single-particle wave functions. This is true, for example, for the EPR-Bohm wave function, describing a pair of spin-1/2 particles in the singlet state, that Bell and many others analyzed. Thus Bohmian mechanics makes explicit the most dramatic feature of quantum theory: quantum nonlocality, as discussed in Section 2.

It should be emphasized that the nonlocality of Bohmian mechanics derives solely from the nonlocality, discussed in Section 2, built into the structure of standard quantum theory. This nonlocality originates from a wave function on configuration space, an abstraction which, roughly speaking, combines—or binds—distant particles into a single irreducible reality. As Bell has stressed,
“That the guiding wave, in the general case, propagates not in ordinary three-space but in a multidimensional-configuration space is the origin of the notorious “nonlocality” of quantum mechanics. It is a merit of the de Broglie-Bohm version to bring this out so explicitly that it cannot be ignored.” (Bell 1980, reprinted 1987c: 115)


Honestly. I can’t follow this. I was totally lost at about “singlet”

[quote=“lausten, post:11, topic:7394”]

Honestly. I can’t follow this. I was totally lost at about “singlet”

Singlet state


In quantum mechanics, a singlet state usually refers to a system in which all electrons are paired. The term ‘singlet’ originally meant a linked set of particles whose net angular momentum is zero, that is, whose overall spin quantum number s=0. As a result, there is only one spectral line of a singlet state.

AFAIK, a singlet addresses the particle state of a photon not its wave function.

In Bohmian Mechanics particles do NOT have a dual state. They are always particles, being carried by a separate universal wave , the Pilot Wave , which provides the “guiding equation” for the particle.

This is a big deal as it does away with the paradox of the particle/wave duality, but yields exactly the same results as the Copenhagen Interpretation, which makes it a legitimate candidate for scientific consideration.

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