Dan Browne pulp fiction

Anyone else read the latest in the DaVinci code series? I’m only listening to it in parts because my wife is playing it and we’re isolated together. It features a rich and famous tech genius who has discovered something about where humans came from, thus the title “Origin”. He’s an atheist and the book is full of cheesy atheist references. It appear Brown watched a few well known YouTubes as his research. He quotes Sam Harris at one point, but often he paraphrases and gets it wrong.

I’m not interested to pull out specific quotes, just wondering if anyone else has read it. It’s the usual Dan Browne formula, there’s some big secret, it needs codes to be found and clues to follow, and every time they get close, something happens and they have to be flown off in a Lear Jet or something to find the next thing.

It is kind of fun in a Mystery Theatre 3000 way. He keeps going to a conspiracy.net and showing the reactions to the news as the secret starts coming out. You can’t really make those any funnier than the kind of stuff we see here. The MSM depictions are really bad. The stuff the rich guy is saying would pretty much be ignored, like any of the “True Author of the Bible” stuff that’s out there.

I haven’t read it yet, but I’ve read a few of his books and watched the movies.