Current POTUS p'ssing away the Monroe Doctrine

In January, Russia put 2 nuclear capable bombers in Venezuela. Now they have just put in 100 Russian troops and 34 tons of military equipment. Our current POTUS doesn’t seem to have what it takes, as have past Presidents, to stand up to Russia’s continuing interference in the Western Hemisphere.

Russia seems to me to be following the same formula in Venezuela as they did in Syria. They put in their troops, support a corrupt dictator, help him stay in power, destroy his country, and stave off any US opposition to him. Now they have a solid occupation of Syria. If they are successful with the same formula in Venezuela, they will end up having a foothold in the Western Hemisphere, with Russian troops occupying Venezuela and Maduro as their ally, tho the country of Venezuela will likely be utterly destroyed in the process, as was Syria.

Trump was on the phone over an hour today with Putin. Trump did not bring up Russian meddling in the 2016 or next Presidential election. He did brag about nothing coming from the Mueller investigation and told Putin that is now behind us. Trump did discuss Venezuela. He said that Putin “is not looking at all to get involved in Venezuela.”

This is a shameless lie. I guess Trump is not satisfied with just telling his own shameless lies, but must also happily pass on those of his collusion buddy as well.

Not only are there Russian troops and lots of Russian military hardware in Venezuela, our own Secretary of State reported that 2 days ago, Maduro was about to get on a plane and flee the country to Cuba, but didn’t when Russian told him not to.–Fw