Conspiracy Deniers

That's not really a conspiracy in the same sense as claiming that the US government itself was responsible for the buildings coming down.
That wouldn't be my claim, although it is claimed by plenty who are tarred with the "conspiracy theorist" brush--and applied to plenty more. I don't claim anything apart from claiming that the NIST WTC7 report is not a credible scientific document and the accompanying multi-million dollar computer animation is bunk. That comment (38) was mainly directed at Lois, as her hostility to "conspiracy theorists" is such that I'm curious to know what kind of conspiracy she does accept occurred on 9/11.

Well crap. I knew I shouldn’t have added a reference to 911 in my OP. My point was actually a simple one, and an analogy comes to mind: Say there was a family in your neighborhood who you knew for certain has murdered, caused several divorces of your neighbors, stole from the local bank, AND has bribed city administrators for years etc.
Now your library burns down. In your local newspaper you read the “official report” from the police chief that says the arsonist was from another city, that bad urban city where all the bad guys are. And my god, they’re not even Christian! They hate our neighborhood because of our beautiful parks!
Tell me honestly that knowing the history of this family, you’d believe the official story? Is there a chance the family is innocent? Of course. But lets’ say the police chief appointed the head of that family to the task force to determine who did it? Again, don’t tell me you’d think all is ok with the official story. Again it still certainly is possible that the family is innocent. But times all this by 10. If you STILL maintain that those in your neighborhood still suspected the family were somehow “conspiracy nutjobs” would be the height of dishonesty and naivety.
And so it is with 911, and many others events in US history. The US government (dem or repub), the family, has proven itself over and over and over to be like the family in my analogy. And to somehow call those who don’t believe the official story nutjobs is to my way of thinking ludicrous.