Greetings from the disinformation center of the US

Hello folks. My name is Alan Ballentine, and I hail from the state of Alabama in the US. Yes, THAT Alabama - the home of Roy Moore, more Confederate statues than there are cities, and 3 out of the last 6 governors who have been convicted or plead guilty to felonies. I’ve been reading SI for several years, and after my state’s overwhelming (???) response to COVID and the efforts to nullify the 2020 election, have subscribed so I can affirm that there is sanity somewhere in the world. Actually, there are more freethinkers and skeptics around here than you might imagine, but still nowhere close to a plurality.


Welcome, it’s encouraging to hear a voice of sanity in the current wilderness of misinformation. Looking forward to your posts.

Welcome at home friend

Welcome @aballentine01. Politics have been a big deal on the forum lately, but feel free to start something up anywhere

Welcome. Feel free to jump right in and join a conversation or two or three or more.

Hello and welcome ;D

I think that is true in a lot of places.