Considering our afterlives, or lack thereof

It’s taken me a while to get to this point, but now that I’ve seen the light it seems so damned self-evidence.

Consider yourself, what are you? A body, a brain, a spirit (your little voices ; ) in dynamic union.

All you experience, all you do gets filtered through your body, healthy or ailing, a source of pride or of shame, matters not.

Who are you without your body? How could your fleeting spirit possibly pretend to be you without the vessel of your physical body?

We are creatures born of our Earth, we are made up of star dust that has been processed through Earth’s amazing ever evolving biosphere over unimaginable periods, then we die back into our Earth. Our spirit released to find a new home if you like. Your afterlife consists of the people you touched, events you influenced, the impressions you made upon the world you’ve left. Your heaven or hell will be played out here on Earth while you are with the living, not during the eternal sleep that follows.

Sure, it’s scary at first, but allow it a few years and decades to soak in. It’s not about rejecting spirit or soul, quite the contrary, it’s about the exhalation that I am a thinking curious loving passionate human with a spirit that’s at the height of what the universe is capable of and I am genuinely part of it all.

Consider it through a poetic filter, whatever opinion scientists have, Earth’s history is one of biology striving for every greater manipulatory control and sensing abilities always with the mental processing needed to make it work. I Am The Eyes Of The Universe. It’s more than a pretty lyric from that perspective. Imagine evolution being God’s need to know itself, how could god reflect on itself, without eyes to gaze and appreciate. Human’s are the most fantastical, but all other creatures have connections and mental abilities humans are just starting to appreciate. We are the eye’s of the universe, and when I die, my moment is finished, though I will have an interesting afterlife in the echos of people and things I’ve touched during my short dance across this Earth.


Christ why isn’t that enough? : - )


Continuing slowly through that Ursula Goodenough book (mentioned in another thread). She runs into this human condition of seeing the universe as mysterious. We evolved without understanding quantum physics. We survived without knowing the size of the universe. But now we have some idea of that, or at least we know that someone can calculate it, and we are slowly evolving the ability to trust that those calculations are true. She bridges this with the term “religious naturalist”, which I think means that she accepts the belief that all these mysteries can be explained naturally. Whether or not they actually are, or even ever will be is a separate issue.