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New Communist Manifesto
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My take on is that in the USSR there was no real inequity because there were no real rights. The Bolsheviks were just a tiny part of the Social Democratic party which in turn was a small part of the overall revolution. With support from the Imperial German government the Bolsheviks were able to subvert the genuine revolution and impose through violence what was a fringe and violent version of communism that was based more in a desire for revenge than any social justice. The Red Terror began almost immediately after the October coup, the results of the legitimate General Election of November 1917 in Russia were overturned by the Bolsheviks and the state descended into a state sponsored chaos that never really ended.
State Bolshevism in the USSR wasn’t the social evolution that Marx and Engels were describing, it was an outgrowth of the chaos of the end of the Russian Empire and the First World War. That’s why the Soviet Union failed, it was based on a lie even deeper than the so called fairness and equality of the western systems of government and commerce.