“Climate Fears and Finance" - A look at Dr. S.J. Allen’s Capital Research Center's malicious sociopathic fraud.

Doug C., we have a difference of opinion about some things, maybe the bolded section will help you understand.
I don’t debate Mikie for mikie’s sake since it’s true he’s shown himself to have as much intellectual substance as a brick in the wall with play back function. I’m always thinking of all the silent on-lookers, if I can’t help educate and engage some, perhaps shaming the silent ones is all I got to offer, and if nothing else I’m educating myself and processing this madness to help my own mental health and at least have the satisfaction of not being one of the sheople.

September 29, 2017 whatsupwiththatwatts.blogspot.com I will be taking a closer look at Dr. Steven Allen’s (Capital Research Center) YouTube feature, “Climate Fears and Finance" which is a stringing together of misrepresentations, innuendo and lies about a topic that is of critical importance to our future, after an introduction. Finishing my Investors Business Daily takedown was the usual let down. No one seems concerned or interested. No one wants to be bothered. In my short email exchanges with Dr. Mann, I could almost hear him thinking: ‘Buddy, I got a bottom drawer full of this and worse! What do you want me to do about it?’ Thing is, that’s right. He’s got far more important work to do with that incredible brain, his time is too precious to be squandered on such contrived delusionals. Still, people should care. In particular, I can’t grasp why there are so few knowledgable students who care about their futures and honesty enough to confront such trash in comments sections where ever that sort of fraud gets astro-turfed. Why aren’t hundreds writing the sort of take-downs I am - say what you will about my quality or tone, these dissections are to the point and packed with valid information that climate science contrarians always run and hide from. Nor are they tough to put together, if you have a familiarity with the topic, a curiosity to search out more information and wrestle with arguments. They also make excellent personal learning tools. Or, for that matter the older folks like me who have been attentive witnesses to the past decades of slow ominous degradation of the biosphere we were born into, mature people who resent juvenile malicious nonsense when they see it. We have Potholer54 and Greenman3610, but need many more. Why are we leaving the playing field open to these strategically manipulative fraudsters? In any event I did what I could, it’s part of the record now, back to catching up on my wage slaving obligations. In my spare time I've returned to wresting with the Map Territory Problem and am reading from suggestions that Trenberth and Francis offered and this. Of course, such reading always leads to looking up more papers. Check out one link, read the abstract, perhaps dig into the full paper if available, do a little searching for other stuff related to points raised, see something else that catches my eye, before I know, I’ve got multiple pages with a dozen tabs on each open and me overwhelmed with info overload and deeply humbled by the folds within folds of complexities. That’s when I must step back allowing things to soak in, reestablish my grip on the fundamentals and to get some perspective. If I visit CFI and am not careful my sparring mate Mikie The Contrarian will have me chasing another one of his shticks. Which is how I discovered the scandalous Dr. S.J. Allen of the Capital Research Center where he’s Vice President & Chief Investigative Officer. He previously served as press secretary to U.S. Senator Jeremiah Denton, as editor of Tea Party Review magazine, and as senior researcher for Newt Gingrich 2012. His presentation is another example of criminal behavior and a direct affront to We The People’s right to honestly hear what the real experts are trying to convey, without the constant cross screaming of such self-destructive deception and fraud. Not to mention being treasonous to our children’s interests. I couldn't walk away from the challenge, Dr. Allen’s presentation is another stringing together of misrepresentations, innuendo and lies about a topic that is of critical importance to our future. One that we need to get real about! I’ve reproduced the text of his talk in Courier font with my responses in Verdana and supporting information indented. | Climate Fears and Finance | Dr. Steven J. Allen | Capital Research Center ... http://whatsupwiththatwatts.blogspot.com/2017/09/cataloguing-capital-research-center.html