Can the Left get it together?

The video you were showing wasn’t the Left. It was the Conservative side in that video and the most recent usage of the word “woke” was started by the Conservatives to basically refer to those on the Left to mean we are catching onto their tactics and they don’t like it. It is meant to be a slam to those like AOC, abortion supporters, and anything else the Conservatives do not like because it doesn’t support their religious views. Their religious views include controlling people through government, using religion, of course, controlling people’s thoughts, according to their religious views, and basically controlling everything else using their religious views. If you bow and coo to their religious views and follow them like sheep, then you aren’t woke, which they love. Of course, blind following of others, religious or not, is definitely not woke at all. One must think for themselves, independently of what those who want to force you to believe, is always best, which, in their view, means I’m “woke”.