Bring back our libraries

A couple of weeks ago I visited the public library in Woden, Canberra. The computers that allow access to the Internet are in the middle of the ground floor, with not even any partitions around them, like shags on a rock. Right next to them were 50 children with their mums/dads and strollers running around, shouting, screaming and singing. And the lady leading them was using a microphone and amplifier. Really! You must be kidding! Is this really what we want and need our libraries to be like?
Some time ago libraries were peaceful, quiet places with “Quiet Please” signs, where you could go to concentrate and focus on the intellectual task at hand. They were places where mostly people would show respect and consideration for each other, and the staff would ensure that such an environment was guaranteed. As a result they were a very valuable public resource that greatly enhanced our community’s advancement, wellbeing and productivity. Today so called libraries are nothing more than just another noisy and distracting public space. The loss of such valuable public resources has put our community at a great disadvantage. For the sake of our community bring back our libraries.

Hmm, maybe Australia has a problem, but in the US, at least all the libraries I’ve been to have always been like you describe a library wanting to be. Quiet, respectful, etc.

Yeah babe, we do need those libraries!