Bluegrass music fans, fyi

It’s getting to be that time of year again :slight_smile:

I won’t be able to make as I have another Denmark trip scheduled (leaving April 24), but I highly recommend you see Danny Barnes. I saw him at the Kerrville Folk Festival when he was with the Bad Livers. Bluegrass AC/DC!

Alrightie than, prep’ed and ready to go. Come daybreak it’ll be time to strap back into this roller-coaster for another ride.
Haven’t decided if I’m going to check in, keeping my options open, if not see you-all on the other side.
Titanomachina, I’m secretly dedicating this weekend to you, as I try to figure out why the hell I do it,
as I’m enjoying the hell out of the process, event and rush*.
And shear uniqueness of the happening.
*Gotta know and love happening restaurants and banquets to appreciate this sort of rush, though it’s a young person’s sport.
That’s why it’s such a trip for this old man to be able to revisit it once a year for a balls to the wall marathon (3 days, 6 meals, 240ish @), just like the good old days.
One of those totally crazy things that makes life worth living.
If you survive :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
happy weekend TMachina

Darron there’s always next year.
the good lord will’n :slight_smile:

Yep, I’m aiming for next year.

In the end it’s like the wink of an eye.
This weekend is always an interesting experience
and so many different angles to view it through.
Really does feel like a lot of fun writing could be done with the pearl string of memories and interactions.
But, it just wasn’t in me this time around.
Barely opened my computer, then closed it again, these past days.
This time around I was more into taking advantage of the short breaks for some serious nap time,
to give a hoot about writing.
In the end a good time was had, . . .


Yep, I'm aiming for next year.
Yup, this was going to be the year. Though I hardly drink at all anymore I'll be sure to order me a good scotch and sip to your memory my friend. Sometimes, when I take Maddy for a walk I think of you, you'd be pleased at the simpatico we got going on. Our personalities, don't tread on me, yet easy going, mesh well. And she likes me, that's the part that still blows me away, she wants to be with me. Soon as she's done sniffing out her latest discovery, her head bobs up as she looks around for where I am and heads on over. I feel a certain psychic kinship with those early people whom wolves first befriended, how they must have been in awe at this weird indescribable, yet undeniable, bond that grew and grew. So tonight with the volunteer meeting, it starts again. The years have paid off and I'm going into this weekend more stress free than previous Meltdowns for sure, Guess I was also too busy to think about it anyways. It'll still be one of those nonstop roller coasters that makes living life so much fun. Me'n a town full of food donors and volunteers are gonna wine and dine the entire crowd and I get to be festival hero for a weekend. Ahh, those little thrills in life - sooner or later, the adventurous get to play every role for a day. When I was young I was told, you'll get out of it, what you put into. So true, so true.