Bibles Gospels Are Forgeries

Professor Candida Moss and Professor Hugo Mendez present evidence that the Gospels are Forged.

Most Ivy League Biblical Scholars state they do Not believe in Supernatural Jesus. We are products of our environment and most of us inherit our religion from our families.


True dat.

And God bless my parents, for raising their children to think for themselves, offering learning opportunities and allowing us to figure it out for ourselves.

Who’s my God you ask?

Why Evolution and Physical Reality, of course! - It’s way more amazing than the self-certain games people play with themselves.


You are truly blessed. My parents were devout Christians. It took over 40 yrs to let go of my imaginary friend.

As for Evolution:

He Has Risen!

The earliest known hominin skull has risen from the earth! The skull of Homo Erectus has been dated to two million years ago and was found in South Africa. This new discovery brings the total of hominin species to 22.


Yesterday I just did a blog post that utilizes some of the above mentioned insights of Moss and Mendez about forgery and the Gospel of John, and applied it to the lie Jesus tells to his brothers in John 7:8. It’s here: . Dr. Mendez is really nice. I’ve talked to him a few times.

It’s been a while oh great Dark Lord of the Sith. Your blog is titled “monthly” but I just see the one. Should we expect more to come?