Best MIDI controller for a noob?

I have probably 6 hours logged on ableton… no controller no headphones or speakers. Main thing I’m looking for at the moment is a MIDI controller I may buy some speakers at the same time but well see.

Side note the controller has to be available at guitar center because I work there and the employee discount is awesome. Right now I’m liking the novation launch key 25 cuz it has a modulation and pitch bender

Other side note I wanna sound like artists like Griz ,FKJ, tribe called quest Dr. Dre etc. (good luck right? lol) I have no idea if midi controllers have any bearing on your style (like a guitar would). Any free plug ins, sample packs, or youtube lessons you think would go nicely with a jazzy hiphop style would be cool too.

I think, it will be interesting for you to read