Being elected POTUS and the characteristic of Projecting Unassailable Self-Confidence

I suggest that in POTUS elections, the candidate who has the most of this characteristic (Projecting Unassailable Self-Confidence) usually wins.
Trump has it, in his own outlandish and buffoonish style. He has it big time.
Obama has it in his own elegant and pragmatic style.
George W had it in his cowboyish “swagger”.
Bill Clinton had it until some of his dried semen turned up on a blue dress.
Ronald Raygun (sp?) had it.
JFK had it.

You’re probably right.
Maybe thats the biggest problem with Sanders - he’s too meek. Billary is confident in a female sense, however that doesn’t matter.

I don’t know how the characteristic plays out with a female candidate, since there haven’t been any viable potential female candidates previously, other than Hillary, herself.