Australian Paper presents proof there is no God

(extract from release article used with permission)
Both atheists and theists have learnt that the ‘stories in the Bible’ are about an all powerful supernatural God and his Angels etc, but the difference is that theists believe it is true while atheists do not.
Some people suggest that it wasn’t an all powerful supernatural God and his Angels being described in the stories, but hypothesise that it was Alien encounters.
Now, two Australian researchers have found alternative knowledge about the origin of the Bible stories and it is neither of the above.
Many accounts in the Bible and stories in all the other Religious Texts relate to misunderstood human time travel encounters.

The Pegg Project® website presents evidence to support this third hypothesis, and includes: PAPERS (3 on TT, plus 3 individual Case Studies, currently at preprint stage); eREPORTS; and VIDEOS introduce you to the new knowledge that Encounters with Time Travellers plus the Computer Technology and Data Disks taken back with them is documented and described in over 30 Ancient Texts that span the past 5,000 years.
A Video presenting some brief information on the first Case Study, and announcing WHAT Went WRONG, to WHERE, the WHAT, WHY, and WHO else was visited, and the SOLUTION can be found on website.

BUT for here specifically, the No God proof can be found via Paper #5 entitled “The GOD stories in the Bible were not about a supernatural entity or an alien, but relate to accounts of human Time Travel interactions in the past” (while Paper #6 debunks the ‘Jesus stories’).
Direct link to Paper: Genesis God and Creation Academic Paper - Read and Examine | The Pegg Project®


So, it’s basically two of you. This is self promotion. It’s not really what this site is for. At least shorten your posts a bit, less claims, more facts.

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It’s an Oh God moment for me - listen, most Theists do not care about God - God is just their ticket to an eternal life of ease & comfort. And how do they get it? By begging and groveling to the “right” God, supporting him unconditionally & those who do so are rewarded and those that do not get dumped into brutal hell
Ancient people living under Kings, Dictators used them as a template for God. Such men demanded obedience and loyalty to them and them alone and rewarded/punished accordingly
Sadly, today’s best and brightest blindly follow these primitive ideas
We can clearly see a Putin, a Kim Jong Un here
Supporters of these men have been richly rewarded while those opposed have been jailed, tortured and killed!
These are the top Gods of the 21st century.
Anyway, the supporters of these men do not care about them. To them they are just a vehicle to the good life. They will sing their praises, kill and torture those opposed, as long as the good times roll
And that is Heaven - religious people are promised endless days of joy and happiness
That is what they are really after
And anyone who threatens the good life is their enemy and hence the hate
You notice the lack of hate against Atheists in Hindu India and Buddhist countries - that is because these faiths do not view God as their ticket to an eternal life of comfort
Hence the lack of hate
The real enemy is Heaven - not God. Atheists are wasting their time railing against God, getting nowhere
But here’s the sad thing - I do believe that Atheists believe in Heaven - read one post by an Atheist saying he does not believe in God but hopes his good works will get him Heaven
Atheists may not believe in God, but they too don’t want this life to end with death
They hope it will continue in some magic land where they get to sit and enjoy the good life
And so my posts railing against Heaven find resistance even from Atheists

Not here they don’t. Not for the reason you state. Try to keep on topic, not just use a thread to make the same comments you always do.

My post is a response to the heading of the thread - to me it is a waste of time
First please identify yourself - Are you a moderator? I have been burned trying to talk to a moderator who used his power. I lack his power so best not to engage in any discussion with moderators or the people they support
Second - are you an Atheist?
And lastly, I was speaking generally, I guess this forum is different, the Atheists here are different obviously from the general public(sarcasm), but I am speaking from experience which has puzzled me - whenever I have put down Heaven, I have faced resistance from Atheists
Atheists like Buddhism, but Buddhists believe in Heaven and hell
Are these ideas influencing Atheists?
I don’t deal with emotion - I like to talk about hard issues, whether people like it or not
Religion is the best at throwing, “you are hurting religious sentiments” to shut down all criticism

First, please read some posts and the rules. You would find answers. The shield by my name indicates moderator. I am also a participant. I follow rules when using the tools that keep this forum evidenced based.

And we’ve talked before. I’m not going to reintroduce myself.

I think you need to read up on that. Where did you get this idea?

Reg introduction, I was asking whether you were a moderator or not
Now that I know you are & i know what to look for - I will end this discussion because no matter what I say, you will insist that you are right and I am wrong, there is no win for me here. This is not a fair fight, complaining against you will get me nothing

We only ask that you use reason and evidence. We are equals if you do that.

Perhaps you are projecting a little.
Are you sure that Atheists did not see the concept of Heaven as a scientific concept and answered the question in the form of an “ordering function” that controls natural equilibrium, i.e. mathematics?

I am Atheist and I believe in a Logical Order that underlies reality. This Order is expressed in mathematical values and functions.
It is a quasi-intelligence and works just like scripture suggests, except it does so without intent (motive). It just does…

David Bohm described it in terms of natural logical “Orders”, the enfolded Order or Implicate (potential), and the unfolded Order or Explicate (reality) and generic mathematical guiding principles that process universal elementary dynamics.
He is an early advocate against dualism.

But the interesting thing is that Bohm considered the notion of a natural thought process which is related to quantum indeterminism. That’s the scientific Heaven.

Bohm’s Early Ideas on the Analogies between Quantum Processes and Thought

David Bohm made many suggestions about how quantum theory might be relevant to understanding the mind and its relationship to matter. Already in his 1951 textbook Quantum Theory, he proposed that there are striking analogies between quantum processes and thought.

For example, a kind of uncertainty principle applies for the thought process in the sense that an attempt to define the content of a stream of thought precisely will make the “direction” of the stream of thought indeterminate (see Bohm 1951: 169-172 and Pylkkänen 2014, 2015).

He even suggested (inspired by Niels Bohr’s writings) that these analogies could be explained if there were certain points controlling brain mechanisms so sensitive and delicately balanced that they must be described in an essentially quantum-mechanical way (he speculated that such points could exist at certain types of nerve junctions). In this way, Bohm anticipated the various “quantum mind” hypotheses that have appeared during recent decades.