Assad wins Syrian elections

Big surprise. Also, it’s funny how the UN still thinks its election supervision would somehow be welcome in Syria.

they were welcomed. Syria had invited international election observers from Russia, China, India, Brazil, South Africa, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador and Armenia.

Maybe so but those are Syrian allies. I guess more accurately, Assad allies.

thats right. Why would you invite countries that were trying to kill him?

Assad got 95% of the vote - I bet Trump is jealous

Lots of celebrations in Syria


Bashar seems like a popular guy despite his flaws. He might be the best Syria has got. Or the “least worst”.

yes really popular. He and his wife even stayed at Queen Elizabeths palace as guest of mother England

El Assad is the son of a bloody dictator and a bloody dictator himself. When people revolted, he was helped by Russia. The West countries did not help the pro democracy people who were crushed and gave place to the Islamic state.

But all these events come directly from Iraqi invasion by USA when Bush was president.

Syria is a secular State. The West funded the Islamic lunatic terrorists to overthrow him. Now the US has issued sanctions on Syria to stop its rebuild as punishment for voting for Assad. Nice people the USA

Assad has done some bad things but overall he and his father have done alright for their country. Syria was one of the better Mideast nations before the war — moderate and quite secular for the region. It sure as hell isn’t going be that way with Assad’s adversaries in control.

However the Assad regime is a big threat to Israel and that’s why the US has tried to remove it from power.