Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution, dotard is destroying

I was listening to Randi Rhodes today (her Friday free full length show) and she mentioned Article 1 Section 8 “The mail is a Constitutional created entity. Congress has Constitutional authority over mail.” Not the dotard, who is trying to upend a Constitutionally created entity. This shows he has no respect for the Constitution or the United States of America. He hates the Constitution and the U.S. All the dotard wants to do is cheat his way back into office. He cheated last election and he’s cheating again. We must vote him out by a landslide or he’ll fight it refusing to leave office. Anyway, back to the Constitutional article referring to the USPS, which the dotard with the help of the orange butt kisser DeJoy is destroying.

The part of the Article she refers to states that congress has the responsibility:

“To establish post offices and post roads;”

But all that stuff only worked because people feared and respected authority and laws and civility and government.

Most people have devolved into consumption units, as fickled as the next best glitzy commercial, be it shopping or politicking.

The trump crowd are vandals pure and simple. Angry, ignorant resentment filled people who rather destroy than build. Tragically destroying is always way more easer than construction and learning and understanding and cooperation.

They are an angry lot, who don’t understand the Constitution, much less read it. I don’t think that minority of people every paid attention in school as kids in which to learn anything.

The t rump loves the “uneducated” and they tend to love him.

The t rump has a glacier paced learning curve. He takes years to let go of erroneous positions and assertions. Because he cannot admit mistakes.

Most of his followers have a slow learning curve as well, I think. But I imagine that the contingencies of reality in today’s pandemic world, will eventually smack some of them in to learning.

Re: De Joy, he seems like a slick deceptive white collar criminal type to me. (That would be consistent with the t rump’s general choice of criminal types in his administration.)

He testified, before the Senate, that he does not intend to replace the many sorting machines that he has already decommissioned. (Some are already dis-assembled.) DeJoy testified that they are not needed.

This is also consistent with the t rump tactics of just doing whatever they want to get the effect that they want, and then when they are caught, they pretend nothing outlandish has happened and that they will be good from now on. But then, they are secretly not good afterward as they continue the sabotage covertly.

They did this blatantly with the child separation/abduction from Asylum Seekers. When caught and stopped by public opinion and court cases they said they would be good, and stop doing it, and that they would re-unite the families. They lied. Some of those families will NEVER be re-united.

The t rump and his RepugLIAR enablers have no skill in uniting anything. Their abilities lie in division and chaos.



There’s far too many uneducated people in the U.S. Of course, part of that is the educational system itself. I didn’t actually learn anything about the Constitution until college, but even that wasn’t much given that it was three credits towards earning my degree, meeting the requirement for B.S. degree. I think we had to have 3 or 6 credits in MO and U.S. constitutions, which isn’t much. Keep in mind, there are degrees (Obama has a degree in Constitutional law) in Constitutional Law and Political Science. So, those 3 to 6 credits only puts a dent in knowledge concerning the Constitution.

My Bachelor’s degree was in Political Science, so I had one class that was specifically about the workings of the Supreme Court, and trying to learn about some major cases.

But the Constitution is available to all of us to read, if we want to. It is written in English and not in particularly difficult to understand technical language.

The Constitution, seems to me, implies that the commonly educated person can understand the basics of the Constitution. How else could the Constitution require the new holders of federal office or positions in the military, all vow loyalty to said Constitution? I am saying, if the regular person could not understand their vow of loyalty to the Constitution, how could a that person ever truly become an elected federal office holder or a member of the armed forces? (Their loyalty oath would be invalid.)

But I digress, Mriana, this latest crisis of the USPS, perhaps being unable to deal with more mail in voting than usual, this year, is totally manufactured by the t rump

He simply cannot deal competently with the COVID-19 crisis.

Hence he also cannot deal competently or effectively with the economic crisis.

He cannot deal with the crisis of systemic racial disparities, because he doesn’t even believe it exists.

What HE CAN DO, is manufacture other CRISES, such as in having his best fund raising fanatic (DeJoy) take over the USPS and just happen to do what the t rump has publicly said that he wants - which is to make it difficult for the USPS to be able to deliver all of the ballots that may be cast by mail during the pandemic.


You’re right it is available for everyone, but the sad fact is almost no one reads it and the Fundamngelicals truly believe the Constitution and Articles thereof are based on the Bile, because they do not read it. They only read the Bile and very little else.

The USPS crisis was manufactured by the dotard because he doesn’t read the Constitution and is a certified criminal. He will cheat his way into being re-elected just as he did the first time and if he can’t have Russia’s help, then he won’t care if he breaks the law doing it because he believes, as president (gag me with a spoon) he can’t be charged with crimes. He believes, despite all his failures and indirect murdering of people, he’s the best leader in the world. He is psychotic, living in his own psychosis. In other words, beyond the obvious psychosis he lives in, he is either demented or is a total sociopath or some other severe mental illness.

The RepubLIARS will be mounting a MAJOR COUNTERATTACK on the good vibes of this week’s successful DNC.

In their convention next week and constantly anyway, I expect the t rump to continue the fallacy that he has duped much of our society into believing > the LIE that the t rump is GREAT for the economy. Because that is the one LIE that has stuck, so far, even though he is primarily responsible for our failure to address the pandemic early, quickly and successfully. He is no economic genius.

He inherited an economy on its way up, and goosed it for the wealthy with a tax increase that never “paid for itself”, but which made the wealthy, wealthier. AND he goosed it again by lowering the interest rate to almost nothing. With all the steroidal stimuli the economy was, still, essentially, just following the line of progress started under Obama/Biden.

The t rump never even reached an annual GDP of 3%. Hell Obama beat 5% in 2015.

AND real wage increase has been nothing special under the t rump.

But we DO have a record high national debt.

Oh! And ALSO the t rump, the great (cough) negotiator has not helped our trade deficit, which has grown enormously with his trade wars.

And all this supposed (but not really) greatest economic rise in history (if you believe the greatest LIAR in our history) was mediocre BEFORE the COVID-19 was known to be here. Now we are teetering on the edge of a potential Depression, thanks to the t rump’s incompetence.

If the t rump had had the capacity to deal with the pandemic early on, then our economy would not have needed to be shut down for this long. So that should count against his performance on the economy, don’t cha think?

So, spread the word folks, the t rump is a bane to our economy, not a champion of it. We just have to repeat the truth more times than the t rump and his enablers repeat the LIE.

Of course, part of that is the educational system itself. I didn’t actually learn anything about the Constitution until college – Mriana

Illinois had an excellent civic curriculum in 7th grade and I had a really teacher in 9th for comparative political systems. I was lucky though. One thing they didn’t cover is how laws are really made, through all the lobbying and committees. It doesn’t work the way the Constitution says it does. The USSR Constitution looked a lot like ours, but it was really the 5 member Politburo that decided everything. Also, You need a law degree to follow 100 years of discussion about the 2nd amendment, and the last 30 or 40 years of gun laws.

This is true. Some states are better than others, education wise, and it’s mainly Democrat states that do better. Mississippi, for example, is a Repug state and look at their educational system. However, the dotard is currently attempting to even destroy the health system of Dem states, such as California, by not sending them medical aid for COVID-19 because they won’t kiss his orange butt. I suspect the same is true of the USPS, but it’s hard to say since he also had sorters removed from Springfield MO USPS too, which, last I knew, had a Repug mayor and representative. KC MO has a Dem mayor. So the pattern doesn’t work 100%, BUT he does have a history of also “punishing” Repugs who don’t bow and coo to him.

We are going to win four more years. And then after that, we'll go for another four years because they spied on my campaign. We should get a redo of four years.
Doesn't respect the Constitution or the laws of the United Shashe? Are you sure?

I’m pretty sure the dotard doesn’t have any respect for the Constitution of the U.S. He doesn’t even read, so he doesn’t even know what is in it.