Are we our own prisons?

We’re all our own prisons, we are each all our own wardens and we do our own time. I can’t judge anyone else. What other people do is not really my affair unless they approach me with it. Prison’s in your mind. Can’t you see I’m free?
I saw the above and it made me wonder. I know the one who said it was Manson so that might have an impact of the truth of it.

This is classic manipulation stuff. It’s true enough that you will think about. We are cut off from each other’s minds, we can’t share our inner most thoughts or even describe colors in a way that assures we are seeing the same things, but add a word like “prison” and suddenly it sounds ominous. Then, he says he’s free, as if he has the cure for this problem that all human beings have. And freedom is something we all want, and he knows that. But what does he mean by free, how is he free, how did he achieve it? He can’t answer those questions.
But he doesn’t need to answer them, he just needs to convince you that he has the answer, and if you follow him, you will eventually understand. Even if he takes you somewhere and tells you to kill people.
It’s no more complicated than why a store has products on the shelf, that you can bring to the register and then purchase. Would you rather do that, or would you give a guy on the street $100 and wait for him to to get it? I really hope you know the right answer to that.