Essentially arguing that it is immoral to bring new life into the world since we cannot control what would happen to it (I think). It puts a negative value to life by arguing that it is better to never have been born, which is debatable and not something you can really argue since I have never “not” been. Plus it seriously implies suicide or advocating people do it as opposed to living. I mean you are essentially arguing that it is better off to never have been born so I don’t see how they skirt the charge of being pro-death without major cognitive dissonance/hair splitting.

Oh, check out the universal anti-natalists. They want us to insure other sentient species, ALSO, do not procreate. They basically are suggesting that since sentience involves some suffering, every sentient creature should be prevented from reproducing.

It reminds me of the “Shakers” a religious group that was quite popular a while back. One of their beliefs was that they were the last generation of saved persons, and that they should not reproduce another generation.

Guess what? That religion died out.


Antinatalism is just misanthropy to the point of mental illness.

Look at the kind of people who advocate it and that’s enough to immediately turn any sane person away. It’s common among extreme environmentalists – as if any more proof of their craziness was needed.

I get some points they are trying to make, but I can’t say I agree with it. They are essentially working with only half the data since no one knows what it’s like to never “be”. Suffering is also a pretty nebulous term and research seems to suggest that difficulties in life make it worth living, not life free from it all.

Also it’s one thing to convince people to not reproduce, it’s another entirely to say all sentient life should be wiped out. That’s not our call to make and it never was. Let life do what it does.

Honestly part of this stems from a denial of reality and wanting to control as much of it as possible. I don’t see it getting popular, but honestly I can say that despite what I have suffered through I’m sort of glad that I didn’t decide to off myself when I wanted to. I quite enjoy it despite the downs.

I don’t see reproduction as a moral issue and it’s not our duty to stop it. Plus that would also follow to not striving to make things better for other people, which would cause more suffering. Also saying life isn’t worth starting is essentially saying it’s not worth living and therefor advocating anything that slays other creatures.

I mean I would instead legalize suicide. If you want out then by all means, no one will stop you. Then the people who want to stay can stay and the people who want to go can go. We can keep reproducing but give people the out if they want to.

I would caution them that it is a one way street and most of the suffering in life isn’t hard enough to warrant it.

Honestly the whole anti natalist argument isn’t reality logic just opinion and feelings, but then so is most moral philosophy.


I found a video that is in a similar vein that argues for the ending of wild animal suffering. Sort of implying that being pro life is pro suffering and that you don’t care about the suffering of animals. Like…what care about human suffering but not animal suffering?