And then there's Putin.

Now that we got DeVos and her brother with his secret police firmly ensconced in our government, we will settle into our new Corporation of Amerika reality. Since Trump has done such a good job of following the Russian political model, I found myself looking up some YouTube docs. Trying to find reasonable documentaries I wound up watching

Vladimir Putin's Rise To Power - Full Documentary ADVEXON TV
Talks about his climb to power and reveals some of the ways Putin gamed the system, which of course gets into the whole criminal nature of the Russian system.
How Putin Is Transforming Russia Society of Geeks]
This is a nice sterile, yet revealing look at the geopolitical situation as it has unfolded over the past couple decades. Food for thought, perhaps conversation. I don't know much about Russian maybe some has interesting insights. But do have a good friend from Russian and happened to spend New Years Eve partying with the national Russian New Years' Program, like four hours worth of music and celebration (New Years is Russian's Christmas and Thanksgiving rolled into one) playing on the big screen TV in the background of our gathering. It seemed like no one else paid it much attention but it had a weirdly and increasingly hypnotic effect on me as the evening progressed. At first it seemed like a fun celebration, champagne flowing, party poppers going off right and left, along with flying champagne corks the air was filled with music. Almost like an Oktoberfest, but way, way prettier, made up dolls kind of pretty. At some point in the evening I noticed that no one was actually drinking their champagne, that when it got to be hypnotic as I began scanning champagne flutes, finding none half or near empty, the closer I looked, the pasted on smiles, the party poppers and flowing champagne revealed itself to be as mechanical as the Animated Christmas Elves that used to line State Street Department stores in Chicago. (Back when parents still drove their kids downtown to marvel at the wonder of it all) Then came the visions of Hunger Games during their party times. The slippery sliddy slope keeps getting steeper. See for yourself, though this one is from 2014, it's pretty near an identical set up, many of the same stars. Check it out, for the real swingers among us. Speaking of the good life, I got to watch the Super Bowl, the commercials seem to me sort of a gauge of the national mindset, oh the dreams we dream, as we get swallowed up. More and more I feel like I'm living in a future shock movie. Back to this Putin guy, no wonder he's Trump's hero, easy to understand. Bet, he's studied Putin more than we dare imagine. Look where it got him, while we slept. Oh the price of complacency. A stitch in time saves nine. Not sure America has it in us anymore to muster the nine that will be needed as Trump's flower goes full blossom. And as always what Republicans and pretty near everyone keep ignoring. Our clock is running out. Global Analysis - Annual 2016 You can ridicule it, you can deny it, you can delude yourself and others, but you will not escape this reality which will simply lay waste to these destructive egomaniacs.