American Gods

American Gods is a book by Neil Gaiman, exploring how Americans have altered their relationship to gods since leaving Europe through a sci-fi/fantasy story set in modern Midwestern US. I got an intro price on Starz network and I’m catching up on 3 seasons of the adaptation.

Anyway, anybody seen it? Episode 4 shows the main character’s early relationship with his wife. She has a nice speech about her non-belief. Unfortunately it also shows her as depressed with her job and her life because it has no meaning.

Anyway, anybody seen it?
Great series. Watched them all in one great binge

I listened to the book on Audible, and that was the 10th anniversary of it coming out, so, a while ago. I love the couple minutes after each episode, and I was glad they said episode was “off book”, because I sure didn’t remember it. But I seem to remember something about the wife coming back in some form. Anyway, NO MAJOR PLOT SPOILERS PLEASE!!

What channel is it on or is it just one Audible?

The Audible 10th anniversary edition is probably still out there. I can’t remember if it had multiple readers, but I remember it was good.

The series is on Starz. I saw an ad for 6 months and 4.99 per month. I hope that doesn’t run out and leave me hanging on some cliff hanger season finale. I can’t tell if they still have the deal available since I’m a member now.

We get Starz on Sling, so I can maybe find it still.