Octavia Butler Theology

Really interesting review here of a sci-fi book by Octavia Butler. I realized from reading it that she is an influence. The sci-fi parts she does are not that far from current technology. She is really writing about that space between community belief and individual belief.

Look for the 5-star review by BlackOxford. This is the paragraph that really caught me:

It may not be obvious to those outside the theological community that the great monotheistic religions are heresies of each other. All other religions are merely pagan. The Christian Trinity is a polytheistic heresy to Judaism and Islam. Muslim views of Jesus are variants of the Arian heresy of the 3rd century. Jewish rejection of Jesus as more than a not untypical rabbinic preacher is also a heretical rejection of the Christian doctrine of supersessionism which claims that the Christian Church is the true Israel. The theological complexity of all dogmatic religion is such that each of these distinguishing heresies, as it were, promote further differences and ultimately conflicts and schisms within each major religion ad infinitum.