All links are considered spam now?

I can’t make any attachment with the without the system regarding it as spam. Is anyone else having this problem?

Not all links, but many. And worst of all: links referring to forum posts themselves are considered spam!

That’s very strange because it has never happened to me.

Hmm… In a ‘xxxtermbrowser’ it works], in Chromium and Firefox it doesn’t. Other experiences with other browsers?

Have you tried using the square brackets and no “a”? [ url = ] [ / url ]? That’s what the system spits out if you use it under “Post Reply”.

I use Safari and it’s happened to me a bunch too.

What’s interesting is that I’ve tried linking a URL to a title and been reject.
then if I simply past that URL it’s often (but not always) accepted.

I’ve found that adding a sentence after the link often gets me past the spam filter, but you’d think the forum software would be a bit more lenient with people who have been around three or four years and have several thousand posts.

Ok thx everyone. I’ll try and use the various methods mentioned next time.

Ok thx everyone. I'll try and use the various methods mentioned next time.
It's fickled, I just did a post with three links and two got rejected, I changed it around a little and got rejected, then tried another approach and it worked. go figure