Alan Watts and limiting ones outlook

Alan Watts - The Truth About Insecurity
okay, I started that Alan Watts video, was gonna let it put me to sleep. Haa, joke was on me, the first sentence out of his mouth gets me all riled - up I am pounding away on the key board. now it's way past my intended bed time, but hey homemade philosophy is one of my things and the dude got me going again. Let me try this one out on you.
Listening reminded me why my Berkley pals and my introduction to Allan and everyone's interpretation or worship of his, splendid talkers they were, still the message seemed unreal to me during my couple short visits summer ’79 - On a fuzzy level I appreciate there’s something there, but everyone invests so much of their own egos into their stories. I also remember that though his talks never went past curiosity for me, I sure did a lot of mental-jousting with the man and his words. Here'a an example.
0:00 - yesterday afternoon I was discussing the plausibility of two essential features of the philosophy of illusion the question that we have to decide whether to take life seriously or not that is to say whether the plot is comic or tragic.
I want to shout out, What about heroic, or adventure? I hear that stuff and I think about the actual flow of time and the spiral of evolution and constant interactions and cascading consequences. From my perspective it looks way different, here’s a glimpse. Definitions - I would call it a Evolution/Earth Centric perspective an awareness of the passage of our short moment on the stage of life and time. This perspective comes from a appreciation for deep time, cumulative changes, etc. No matter what the ultimate “Cause" the pattern of evolution on this Earth has been a relentless drive toward ever greater cognition and manipulatory ability. (sensing, processing, grasping) Take that as a given and wonder about what’s behind it and it’s easy to conjure an image of a universe wanting to know itself. Finally here on Earth and through Earth the epitome of that direction {} was achieved when homo turned into humanity and society. Only through our eyes can the universe can see itself in all it’s spectacular majesty and beauty. In a way that’s impossible through any other creature or galactic wonder. We are the eyes of the Universe. I love this myth, it’s grounded in reality and it offers a sense purpose and joy, in a seemingly senseless world. I am the eyes of the universe, my duty is to absorb, appreciate, glory in it. And live my day to day with as much dignity as I can muster. Striving to walk with grace and all that. When it’s time to die, sure it’s the end of me, how could a soul exist without the body it experience everything thing with. That’s why the entire afterlife thing is so ludicrous to begin with, But, it’s not the end to me. We all leave our echoes, I won’t know anything else about me, but for a while I’ll remain alive in others and some of my achievement will continue sitting there unsung waiting for their turn to melt back into the soil from whence we all came.

just reread that, I like it.
Like goldmund, I keep getting closer.
I’m moved by the conversation its stirred.
The sound of one hand clapping.

I’ll have to watch after I get home. My iPhone isn’t letting me sign in to YouTube.