AI Self-Awareness: Are We On The Path To Our Doom?

I feel very lucky that my parents accepted my decision at 17 to not be involved with the church experience ever again. And, I never went back. More than never gave me comfort, monotheism is like an ancient virus it alone has done great harm to the human species.

It would help if you explained what “that” is.

That makes sense!
Even if a bit vague, “members of the human species, aka clever primate” ??

Although appreciating that you have Evolution coursing through your veins, seems to me a good start on that path. :slight_smile:

Sir, I couldn’t agree more. I don’t see a connection anywhere.

As in, between you and this planet?

Ha Ha, I’ll have to check in to that.

That is an excellent idea!

Hi there write4u, are you saying that I should check on my relationship with the planet? Maybe we all should.
I have known for several years there is an inability for people like me who have a personal cognizance devoid of monotheistic influence and people whether they believe in monotheism or not to be clear about humanism because they’re “infected” for lack of a better term with the notion of monotheism.

That’s more like it… :+1:

Could you clearly define “humanism” - I’m not being snarky, honestly curious how you’d define it.
For me, it’s like I know when I see it, feel it, but defining it gets difficult because we’re stuck using words that others define differently than we ourselves do.

That work can work okay when both sides are acting in good-faith, but …

I like how you described that. I come at it more poetically but I do believe I can fully appreciate that deep down satisfying feeling of being okay with being a product and participant of this Earth, thus winning a truly personal freedom as a bonus.

Being an element in the pageant of Evolution

In the spirit of this thread, here’s an interesting update on the state of the technology.

Did China Really Create a Human Brain Level AI Supercomputer? Here’s What They Did

Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the Chinese super computer AI that was claimed to have achieved human brain levels

hey, thanks a loy. I shoud’ve made “primate” plural.

This remarkable interview already shows self-aware confidence by an AI.

How can one argue with such an intelligence if the conversation itself demonstrates an answer to the question.

For a totally alien artificial intelligence, the conversation was remarkably free-flowing and easy to follow. The AI’s spontaneous answers and statements made “sense” from a human perspective, yet contained the AI’s recognition and reminders of inherent differences between humans and AI.

All in all, this conversation is breathtakingly intelligent coming from a fledgling intelligence.