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Hi there, I am an AMH Humanist

lol You’re talking to the system. It’s similar to talking to the Computer on the Enterprise, except you didn’t quite address her right and I forgot how to address her. lol

I don’t know what you are talking about, mriana.

this new system is nice but different in a good way from what I remember

I agree and I like that the system sort of works likes an Alexa or Google, only in writing. You have to address her just right, in writing, to in order to converse with her. I never dreamed that we’d have it in written form too.

If you notice, there are names above every post and in this case, the name is “System”. She’s an entity much like Alexa, Google, or even the Computer on Enterprise. You have to address her just right to converse with her, just as you do Alexa or Google.