Abdelhamid Abba-dabba-doo

This poser, wannabe bigshot of DAESH a-holism is no “mastermind”. At best he is (or was) an expendable poster boy for the real bigshot a-holes of DAESH. Just look at his pictures and his goofy smile in the video of him in a pickup, wearing a funky flat top hat, while he proudly prepares to drag around mutilated corpses.
If he is now dead, his own biological family will be joyful and relieved. The real bigshots of DAESH a-holism will be pleased as their poster boy can now be a “martyred” poster boy.
It takes no special skill to help organize groups or individuals of a murderous cult to mow down unarmed citizens in surprise attacks, unless having no regard for human life is a special skill.
So if Abaaoud is really dead this time, then YEA!, one less murderous a-hole is in our world, and his biological family can rest a bit easier.
But the murderous cult of DAESH a-holism, has nothing to mourn, for this guy was no “mastermind”.