a world of our own making

Isn’t it about time we set up a country that is completely Theology free, so we all can move there and wait while the religious world decimates everything else. Then we can move out cremate all the bodies who’s hosts have (being dead) learned for sure if they go to heaven or not.
One way or the other we will be here to reap what others have squandered. Global warming will definatly be curtailed, sence a good measure of the polluters will be fermenting where they dropped and we would be the large enough to clip any theological resurgence before it took off.
It’d be like a Center for diseased mind center. Educated and not wealthy would be what we would aspire to.
Would we even need clothing after a while or could we figure out how to manipulate the air molecules around the level of the skin, so they could heat up or cool down so we can be comfortable wherever we are.
We would have no clothing to express things that would separate ourselves from others and have no highly priced garments to flaunt in front of poorer people, and lets face it. People would pay more attention to our bodies, since we wouldn’t have the camouflage to hide our obesedy.
Sorry I just saw another religion based tragedy and, You know. Religion really sucks a big one. Sorry for the rant. I’m done.

Possible way to eliminate the threat of faith based organizations from being introduced into a theology free state.
I’ve always thought that religion caters to the social needs of a person more than the everyday life aspect of it. Maybe a very intense social program where everyone works together and the whole of society raises the young, instead of a single family. That way the children will be introduced to all forms of family structures, Gay, straight, transgender, ect and not very much will be a surprise to them. There would be less of a chance to foster bigotry, jealousy and other hateful traits.

Would it be bad form to ask that this thread be deleted. It was done emotionally and not well thought out at all. thank you.

Would it be bad form to ask that this thread be deleted. It was done emotionally and not well thought out at all. thank you.
There's no reason to delete your thread. You expressed something alot of us probably think too, especially after hearing about the latest inanity of some religious group. And anyways, there IS a country like what you describe, at least somewhat...Sweden. And Norway too just recently voted to officially NOT have an official state church. If I had the money, and the weather was better, I'd move to either of these places in a heartbeat.