A thought about thoughts

Thoughts on Thoughts
Thoughts start at the top of the hydrogen or oxygen tree being predominately made up of hydrogen and oxygen (water) it would make sense that it is one of the two,
Both these atoms are highly fusible reacting to a multitude of substances and other atoms forming other compounds and reactions this is a well established fact that could be cited endlessly
So in my thoughts (not a hypothesis) hydrogen will fuse with a cadmium atom in your brain forming…a more complex thought pattern, for an example, picking up a pencil would require minimal thought processing.
To the contrary driving a car takes multi tasking and alertness on a level that is exponential in comparison.
When making a hydrogen bomb a strong electrical signal is sent through the trigger to trigger the atomic reaction
Using the same principle i think in my thoughts that thoughts have to fuse either hydrogen or oxygen with a inertly radioactive atom within the brain to produce a sufficient heat signature to warrant an electrical signal sent
through the conventional thinking of the brains enzyme functionality. In this chain reaction as i alluded to other atoms come together fusing with the original thought to produce a complete, logical and coherent process that can be conveyed
through communicative means.-Nicholas Wesenberg
ummmm …anyone’s lol thoughts on that? my musings in my opinion better than fairy dust

Thoughts on Thoughts . . . ummmm ....anyone's lol thoughts on that? my musings in my opinion better than fairy dust
Sorry all that didn't make any sense to me. Have you tried Transparent Brain: Visible Thoughts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoF1Bx-glaw Now that's some fun mind bending stuff there.