A subjective viewpoint - Julius Fann, Jr

Isaac Asimov said 'any book worth banning is a book worth reading! When anything is worth banning, is always “A subjective viewpoint.”

Is not generalization another word for profiling a particular subject, group, idea, religion, theism, anti-theism? Does the Physicist, quantum mechanic, philosophy, scholars all bend to the persuasion of their learning and define A to = A in their conclusions? Yet in defining their generalization of A=A leave out how A=A, when A is the subject/object of A not in quality but substance? Is not then relativism of that which is not a subject/object matter of mind, whether intuitive or otherwise, to the one not familiar to a particular just another way of saying in general “yes, I acknowledge this, but it is of no importance from my point of view because I have not been given a logical reason for it to be of importance”?

I find the whole problem of subjective “evidence” is that it does not lend itself to generalization is because life is the infinite ongoing experience of Itself. Self is, within the man, invisible thoughts and material matters of his interpreted conclusions of inherited matters of thought. Life doesn’t care whether the minds of the individual conscious awareness It has produced understand anything about It humanly or not. Life has one purpose, and one purpose only, to be about the business of Life. Life is everywhere man is consciously aware of. Wherever one’s conscious mind has them at this very moment, they are there because of Life. Life is Consciousness. Consciousness is the source, energy, animation, mind, and underlying Essence of all thoughts, whether they be distant, near, imaginary, or in the form of solid matter. Life is God, and this truth assures all thoughts and intent of every man, woman, boy, and girl are naked at all times within Life and cannot hide behind the face of Jesus, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, nor religion, beliefs, or ignorance.

Life has no lost children. Nothing of Life can be lost within Life. Life has no knowledge of a Life living within It that is out of order, fallen, sinful, or dual in nature. If such beliefs exist, they exist because they are emanations of a Principle Pattern of Perfection of and within Itself, which cannot prevent or alter Itself to make that which men believe is out of order, fallen, sinful or dual in nature - not whole, perfect, complete, and pure in the life of those believing such to be their reality.

Understanding one’s own life is only relevant to one’s obedience of following the Principle Pattern of the Perfect issues of the Conscience within man’s inner conscience of man’s consciousness of right or wrong. Man is the consciousness of the Spirit he acts and reacts to and upon because Spirit is the only source of consciousness. Man is the emanated source of That which the Spirit of life emanates of and as Life’s Principle Substance, and Patterned Essence of expressed forms of his awareness visible and invisible, spiritual or fleshly.

On the shoulders of all who have thought a thought in the world of matter comes the shaping and molding of the minds of today. Man is exempt from no thought except those he does not project and act upon, for the principles and patterns of his mental world of material matter are the building blocks of himself. These building blocks are who the man is.

Never give power to anything a person believes is their source of strength - jufa