A study showing that I'm right

I’m hated by the people who can’t agree, as the piece says, "One can agree with the liberal critique of conservatism’s moral and political goals while still acknowledging that religion orders the lives of millions of Americans – that it might offer social benefits. "

And a lot of people don’t. Conservatives refuse to see how sources other than religion can provide the benefits that religion provides. Liberals fail to see the benefits, and that their 100 years of political reforms are not providing them.

This is at the heart of the anger over religion. For those who see the benefits, it seems obvious that it’s the source, the church they are attending. Those who aren’t getting those benefits, perceive no one is really getting an effect from that cause. They are both wrong in different ways. Both try to place blame, and often miss identifying their common enemies.

If we can do that, then we can make our society better by providing a safer environment. A healthier population will allow us to save money on prisons and law enforcement. We want to live in a society without crime, violence, drugs, and sickness. This is why we need to educate people on these subjects. We can learn from each other and come together as a whole.

Article wouldn’t open for me…“reached my max free reads”. But I think what never gets pointed out is, the benefits of a religion be gotten without the religion. People mistakenly attribute the benefits, or the good feelings they get in church, with the religion itself. Satanists I’m sure get all the same benefits from belonging to their church/group.

As far as understanding each side, I personally understand why so many flock to religion, they’re scared, simple as that. And who isn’t? Life is scary if you’re not rich and “protected”, and shit happens, even to the rich (obviously). And so people turn to what’s available. Can’t fault them for that. But what we can fault them for is trying to push it on others. I haven’t come across many humanists trying to push it on religionists.