A New Prophet?

An unlikely new (self appointed) spokesperson for Divine Providence has come to the fore. The formidable strategic and tactical leader of the Alt-Right movement, Steve Bannon, is now presenting himself as being religiously inspired. He asserts that he seeks to save the Catholic Church by the riddance of Pope Francis. Prophet Bannon indicates that this must happen due to Pope Francis not dealing with the Church’s pedophilia problem. (Who could disagree that the Pope has not taken sufficient decisive action to address pedophilia within the priesthood?) It is convenient for Alt-Righters that Pope Francis has all other social positions in direct conflict with those of the alt-right.

Prophet Bannon let the world know that the current POTUS was put in place by Divine Providence and that the current POTUS is an instrument, tho an imperfect instrument, of Divine Providence. This same Divinity has called Prophet Bannon to establish the headquarters of his alt-right religion in a 13th century monastery that is 2 hrs SE of Rome. From here will be the central control of the alt-right’s continuing efforts to change western civilization to what I imagine is more in line with Prophet Bannon’s conception of God’s will.

Always fascinates me how ‘prophet’s’ and preacher’s voices of god always mange to exactly fit the prejudices of the divinely inspired.


My favourite is the Westboro Baptist shower.

They were refused a visa to enter Australia. People have misunderstood why a visa was refused. It was not not because of their hateful bile… It was to protect them. Had they tried any of their shite at the funeral of an Aussie soldier, they would have all needed ambulances. I kid you not.

I’ve always been intrigued as to why some irate Texan hasn’t shot at least one of them yet. Have they not been to Texas?

Are they still around?

Just a couple of visits to University towns in TX, afaik. Counter protestors in Austin, and a human wall of students blocking their getting to the funeral of a vet, in College Station. That’s been several years ago.

If Texans shot ppl just for being outrageous piles of sh1t, there might be a lot fewer Texans. If that were the case, Trump would need a lot more security when he goes there.

“Wall of students” hum. Where were the farmers and factory workers? Oh yea, they were at the Trump rally.

In the late 1960’s there were ‘Vietnam Moratoriums’ in my city, with some quite violent demonstrations. At the time, I was working on the tenth floor of a building right on the corner where the protestors clashed with mounted police. I had a bird’s eye view: As far as I could tell, the majority of protestors were hippy-type students. Like me, the workers tended to be actually working.

Such a perception I think can give a very misleading impression of Social protests and social movements generally.

Since the eighteenth century at least, successful social movements/revolutions have been fomented by middle class intellectuals who are pissed off or think they have be treated unjustly. “We the people” are sheep and easy to manipulate

That leads me to the conclusion that 'democracy ’ is the only one word oxymoron. What we have is far from the perfect system. However, I have been unable to come up with a better idea.


Below is one of very few clips on You tube.



Mike, this was years before the days of Trump rallies, but I suppose these days, the Westboro Baptists themselves would be at a Trump rally instead of defiling a vet’s funeral.