A mass murderer is dead at last

Hitchens wrote about kissengers crimes and dared him to take legal action on his book.

Kissenger never took him up on this


Aljazeera ran a good piece yesterday called “Henry Kissinger: 10 conflicts, countries that define a blood-stained legacy” that gives brief summaries of his role(s) in Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladash, Chile, Cyprus, East Timor, Israel, Argentina, South Africa and China. A good refresher and worth a read IMO.



President Richard Nixon’s daughters, Tricia Nixon Cox and Julie Nixon Eisenhower, said that Kissinger’s life story was “so unique - and so thoroughly American”.

“Henry Kissinger will long be remembered for his many achievements in advancing the cause of peace,” the statement said. “But it was his character that we will never forget.”

They are right when they said “so thoroughly American” mind you.

Over the years, however, Kissinger was also subject to scathing criticism from those who accused him of putting rivalry with the Soviet Union over human rights and supporting repressive regimes across the world, including Augusto Pinochet in Chile.

Kissinger, however, was dismissive of this criticism.

“That’s a reflection of their ignorance,” the gravel-voiced statesman told CBS in an interview shortly before his 100th birthday.

And THAT is ALL western media wrote about that side of things. Astonishing. Some people accused him of stuff, he said they were ignorant. Case closed.

Meanwhile, a more balanced epitaph:

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