A lot of bad ideas have come out of France

This topic is more for fun than serious exchange.

France gave to almost the whole world the metric system, the photography, the added value tax and the chip card.

It gave the definitions of political right and left.

It strongly contributed to vaccine, secularism and human rights.

I am forgetting many things, and i am wondering which is the worst.


yes, Yes, YES!

Pasteur, Pasteur Institute, Pasteurization, microbiology, germ theory!

Marie Curie (yes, Polish but strongly French influenced), TWO Nobel prizes, showed the male dominated world that women are equals! Radiation, radioactivity and radiation therapy.

Calmette gave us a tuberculosis vaccine and antivenin.

LaPlace! Not just a mathematician. He worked very hard to continue the work of Newton. Newton was never really happy that his laws did not include a divine so he went off the deep end trying to turn lead into gold. LaPlace went beyond that common mistake.

Edit to add Descartes and Pascal! And let’s not forget the French contributions to democracy and America. There is so much.

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Yeah, but it’s just a theory.

Lets get down to meat and potatoes and raise a glass of Bordeau to Georges Auguste Escoffier!

But wait, there’s more . . .

As an EE, I can’t believe I forgot Coulomb!

And you can’t appreciate lighthouses without remembering Fresnel.
Foucault: pendulum studies and the speed of light measurement.
Poisson, Cauchy, deBroglie, Fermat, and much more.

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Postmodernism, postmodernism , postmodernism !!! Eureka - :thought_balloon: the answer !!!

Don’t forget French cancan !!!