A Gay Story

There is a radio show called the Moth where people tell their personal stories, some are gripping and dramatic. In segment 1 of Moth 903] a gay man tells a sad, impassioned, and gripping tale of when he came-out. It was very interesting.

Is it recorded and placed online? If so, please provide the link. I’d be interested.

Click the link, FD. Don’t worry, I went looking for it in my iTunes directory then on themoth.org before I clicked the link.
Now I’m trying to figure out how to get this episode into iTunes so I can listen to it while commuting.

Now, an adoptee from Korea tells her story. This one has a much better ending than the last one.
The Moth: Dana Stallard; “Lost and Found Daughter”, Added: Mar 4, 2014]
Note: That audio might not be ready just yet. I heard it on the radio, but I don’t, yet, see it on that web site. Perhaps they will update the web within a week or so. I’m not accustomed to that web site because I can hear the show on the radio.