A different kind of communicating

I’m kind of busy at the moment but I had on my list to share this. It’s some tough questions about Braver Angels. Some unusual ideas about dealing with the divide
Episode 10: Ask Me Anything - Braver Angels

The intellectual imposters call for jaw jaw not war war in domestic politics but not the same for international politics

How about an example of Democrats striving to communicate:

Feb 17, 2024 - TYT Investigates

Senator Chris Murphy destroys Trump-loving Republicans for tanking a bipartisan border bill to help Trump’s re-election campaign.

Murphy criticizes the Republican party for being controlled by MAGA extremists, being against bipartisan legislation because of Trump and so much more.

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Actual problem solving

Welcome from the Co-Chairs

On behalf of the bi-partisan Problem Solvers Caucus’ members, we welcome you to our official website. We are all tired of the obstructionism in Washington where partisan politics is too often prioritized over governing and what is best for the country. This is why the Problem Solvers Caucus was formed, and why we are on a mission to change the culture of D.C.

We are a bipartisan group of Members of Congress organized to get to “yes” to help solve some of our country’s most pressing challenges. Every week we are in Washington, you will find Problem Solvers, proud Democrats and Republicans, seated together around a table, debating, listening and working together to help solve these issues.

Cool, I hope they’re going to be able to help rescue the Republican Party after the inevitable implosion they are steaming towards. And, reinvigorate our system of CHECKS AND BALANCES.

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