A continuation of theory of everything

  1. The formation of DNA, the Soul, reincarnation.
    We all eat the same thing, but each person has his own range of DNA, because this range of DNA laid during conception, proniknovenie sperm. The spermatozoon is formed as a result of orgasm, which is manifested in the form of a powerful energy impact on the entire body men. According to Oriental knowledge in the formation of character, the abilities of the unborn child is affected by the energy of the nearest planet of the solar system. On the influence of moon phases on human nature, on the earth’s processes, there are a lot of facts. In addition to the short of energy at the time of conception planets and moon phases on the formation of DNA the future of man effect:
    is the future power of the father, which forms the sperm
  • energy of the mother in the composition of the egg.
  • energy areas of conception,
    -.energy nearest at the time of conception of the planet, which are continually changing,
  • moon phases,
  • our Sun,
    the closest constellation in the energy field which at the moment of conception is our Sun to the Earth.
    Thus, the formed DNA spectrum includes the spectrum of frequencies of electromagnetic effects ’ of all influencing its formation objects are actually components of their unified informational system (EIS). As a result, all information available on the EIS forming each of the subject’s DNA, are available and belong to the child. Therefore, some qualities of parents are transmitted to the child in the inheritance, that is called reincarnation or the transmigration of the soul until the parents of the parents etc. to infinity. That DNA forms the human soul is confirmed by numerous testimonies, as a result of organ transplantation from a donor with a more powerful DNA to patients – changing their character and habits. [8].
    Opening 6. “The soul of man is his energy-informational system, which is formed during conception”.
    Opening 7. “Reincarnation – the formation of EIS (soul) of the child from Aisystem (shower) parents of the EIS which was formed from ERS of their parents, etc.”
  1. What is Brains
    That the brain is “just the receiving device,” said N. Tesla.[9]. That is, for the formation of a living cell in selection EMV appropriate spectrum of DNA takes place with the help of the brain, which have the appropriate configuration of the convolutions as the antenna that is configured on this range. And these meanders begin to form in the first weeks of life of the embryo under the influence of the energy of the EIS that shaped DNA. Confirmation of the fact that the convolutions of the brain depends on the character, ability, and other characteristics of a person that in fact is the human soul, are abundant evidence of when the damage configuration of convolutions of the brain changes not only the character but the consciousness, the memory of man. Some people lose their mind, others begin to speak in other languages, etc [18,19]. This suggests that the information in the brain comes from Space, which confirms the statement of the Director of scientific research Institute “the Brain” N. Bechtereva “But then you have to admit that the information came from outside, from space or from the fourth dimension.”[10]
    Opening 8: “the Brain is a device for receiving information from Space, its storage, processing and control actions of the individual”.
    Opening 9. “Consciousness is the movement of pulses of information through the EMV. The human mind controls the actions of the person. The cosmic consciousness or the cosmic intelligence, which is a Energy-system of the cosmos, which controls the processes of formation of atoms, cells, the origin and growth of living organisms and other processes, independent of the consciousness of the people.”
  2. Conclusion.
    This concept confirms the divine concept of creation of “everything” from “nothing”, if “God the Creator” to take EMV, which filled all space and interacts with matter, and “nothing” to adopt EMV because the EMV are not a matter, therefore have no mass gravity.
    The problem of modern physics in the fact that there is no clear definition of the basic physical concepts of matter, time, space, ehmv, ether, vacuum etc. This concept allows us to answer these and many questions of physics, including solves the so-called “theory of everything”, explaining the interaction of micro - and macro - worlds. So in addition to the gravitational attraction of the body of the Earth there is a magnetic pull from the Earth’s rotation around its axis, because the rotational energy as in any solenoid creates a magnetic field the Earth’s magnetic axis. Therefore, despite the fact that the gravitational attraction of matter between the earth and the Moon is almost two times less than that between the Sun and the Moon, (the force of attraction between the moon and Earth Fпр.L.Z. ≈ 1,98 * 1020 N. the gravity of the moon to the Sun Fпр.L.With. If 4,33 * 1020 N. - their attitude Fпр.L.With./Fпр.L.Z. ≈ 2,2.)., The moon is held by the magnetic field of the Earth in addition to the gravitational field of the Earth.