17 year Eric Willoughby's great assessment and warning to NC GOP legislators

In a recent post I mentioned how I’m finally hearing more democratic voices that really impress me.

Here we go, the youth of today has figured out they are on their own and need to clean house for themselves. Environmentally, economically, existentially the world is going to get way uglier way faster than we are prepared for and without intelligent compassionate leaders across the board, when the real shock waves start unfolding, it’s going to be even worse. This young man can’t vote today, but he will be able to my the time the election comes around.

September 28, 2023

Eric Willoughby on NC redistricting process

NC Newsline

My name is Eric Willoughby a senior in high school and I come to you today from North Mecklenburg County Huntersville to be specific and I’m here today to convey a very very simple message I’m 17. I should be spending my Wednesday afternoons with friends or family but instead I’m here with y’all

I’m here because every single day I have to worry about which Liberties Republican legislators are going to choose to gut next.

They started by refusing to take action against gun violence and destroyed your right to peace of mind about something as simple as sending your child to school then they came for your right to make the most basic reproductive Health Care decisions that were right for you and your family.

This time they’re coming for every North Carolinian’s right to fair representation this legislature is made up of the same people who have drawn maps that intentionally disenfranchise and limit the power of historically marginalized and minority voters.

These are the same people who have proven to us time and time again through their voting record that they don’t care.

If these people cannot be trusted to protect our most basic rights, how can we trust them to draw fair and impartial maps that will promote a healthy and vibrant democracy?

They can’t! We can’t trust them, the Republicans in this committee, and the others in the House and Senate, don’t care about democracy.

They don’t care about Fair maps.
All they care about are three simple things
power and
dollar signs.

This redistricting stunt is a clear power grab by Republicans in the general assembly so I urge you now, watch your step, be very careful in what you choose to do, because young people like me are watching. And young people like me are fed up!"

This is the kind of stuff that makes me feel hopeful and proud in a curious sense.

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A peek at some current leaders, young, who are starting to prove themselves and making a difference.

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