Wow signal from behind Proxima Centauri

This is my first day so if the topic bores you just ignore it.

Recently I read the story about the Wow signal that may of come from the Alpha Centauri system it appeared to be coming from behind Proxima Centauri possible the planet they say for sure it was not coming from the star. BLC1 is a curious radio signal detected on April 29, 2019, BLC1 was a very narrow band radio signal. It occupied the 982 MHz radio spectrum, which is normally used by satellites and spacecraft. It was also only detected once over 30 hours in April and May, 2019. It could be an echo from us or a natural unknown source. The radio signal is coming from behind Proxima Centauri—possibly millions of light-years behind . So it may not be from the nearby star system. Information will be released soon on the signal’s profile, strength and modulation which has not been released. It is very similar to the Wow signal found in 1977. This would be cool - having aliens right next door but I’m sure the chances are pretty slim to none.

If it is not a mistake and if the signal is artificial intentional it would be great. There have been false hopes in the past.

Just yesterday talked to a friend of mine and we discussed the possibility of meeting aliens in the future.

And yes, we also discussed the signal you mentioned above. But the thing is… Do we really need alien civilizations to appear?

For sure, right now we have radio and online systems for checking spam messages, tracking GPS and etc. For instance, phone lookup website is already working on it – how to track people and how to find an information by simply typing the phone number.

But what to do with signals from outer space and outer RIM? I think we need to understand one key thing: with all signals we are trying to send in space we are agreeing on the risk to be destroyed. And it is not a joke!

That is the gold medal of spam. I’ll leave for a while, just to admire it

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Well, that’s not actually a spam. I am sorry that it looks like it…

Really, a phone lookup website?

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Why not?

You can find it yourself anywhere. There are plenty of them. And they are useful, even though some may consider they are not.

Plus it is something like a little joke with a truth inside :sunny:

I am about my post :3

The reason why this one is so interesting is a earth like planet is orbiting the star in the habitable zone. Two planets have been found orbiting this star which is the closes star to earth with the exception of the Sun. The second planet is considered to be a gas giant orbiting further out from the star.

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